Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Today's Feeding of the 5000

The charity Fairshare is going to demonstrate the food waste problem in Trafalgar Square at noon today. The food they are using has been grown by farmers but is considered too ugly to sit on the shelves by our supermarkets (maybe Jo Swinson and I should set up a campaign against our 'airbrushed' and discriminatory fresh produce aisles but I digress).

They will be providing soups and curries, as well as free groceries with the 6 tonnes of produce that have been turned down by the supermarkets. I can guarantee that nobody will be able to tell the difference from the homogeneous shaped siblings that they grew alongside. Having grown up in a family that grew and harvested our own crops in the back garden I long for the time I can have a little spot of land that I can grow some more of my own food. I will no throw out a potato that is not universally smooth for ease of peeling or a carrot than cannot stand straight at attention or whatever. I'll also only plant what I can personally use or give away any bumper crop to friends before it goes off.

There is a Slow Food Group in Linlithgow which is part of the town's major movement to make the town more environmentally friendly. The protest today fits very comfortably within the slow food ethos, in that is using food that has been grown as much as possible, to made good healthy food. Of course I'm not sure how the food has been grown, but the fact that it has means that it should be available to consumption first and foremost which is what today's demonstration is about.

So may I urge you next time you prepare to go to the supermarket, local greengrocer or farmers market, have you checked the larder? Have you planned what you want to eat around what is already available to you but is perishable? When you get there do you have a plan of what you need? If you cannot buy the quantity that you need but have to purchase more is there something else you could do with the excess before it perishes, even if you make extra and are able to freeze it for later?

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  1. I'm all for not wasting anything, but as per usual it's the big bad supermarkets fault.

    They only sell what people will buy. It's not rocket science.