Tuesday, 8 December 2009

SNP Know More Than Me About Lib Dem Manifesto

I've just read this on the SNP website:

"Lib Dems to Include Referendum in Manifesto"

Now I thought I hadn't missed anything. I'm sure I would have been in a debate approving the Manifesto, because with the exception of 2007 I was at the one in 2003, both the National and Scottish Variations in 2005. But then I realised we have yet to even finalise the 2010 manifestoes let alone look ahead to 2011. So what are the SNP up to?

For starters they are talking about a highly public disagreement between the grass roots and the leadership. Surely this can't be the same debate which they complained about being held in private in the autumn, when a consensus was come to. A consensus that said not in this Scottish Parliament but not to be ruled out. Indeed there was no decision made as to whether offering one in the next Parliament was to be made. Such a decision was to put forward.

They are also perpetrating the lie of Labour and the Treasury claiming that the economy would be back on track by 2010 as a reason to not hold off in this Scottish Parliamentary term. Westminster have singular failed to meet the predictions that the Chancellor made in his budget earlier in the year. Which his pre-budget statement due this week it will interesting to see if and how Mr Darling actually adjusts his predictions of the UK's recovery.

So I went to some of my friends on the Policy Committee to ask had such an issue been discussed. The answer was simple. "No". I was also told of course what I already know that the inclusion of anything in the manifesto would have to have been a policy voted on by conference. Guess what? The Scottish Liberal Democrats haven't had a vote on the question of a referendum in the next Parliamentary session.

So the SNP have got their facts so wrong to be in fact lying one has to ask why SNP MSP Dr Alasdair Allan should allow his name to be associated with such underhand so soon after his leader called for proper use of the Internet, in not casting scurrilous lies about the opposition.

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