Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Drumroll Please....Announcing the Scotblog Awards

Duncan announced them last night on Scottish Round Up and then also posted about them on his blog, as have James and everyone's favourite Greek Baby.

What I hear you cry? Well keep you suspenders on. As many of us in Scotland are wisely keeping off the roads unless absolutely necessarily we'll all undoubtedly have some free time over the next few days to think, reminisce and think back over the last year. While your at it what have been the best blogs of that period.

As Duncan says:

"With the end of the year comes mild nostalgia, endless navel gazing and jumped-up awards ceremonies. In the past couple of months one or two people suggested to me that there should be an end-of-year Scottish Roundup awards ceremony. After canvassing opinions among some other bloggers, most agreed that it was a good idea.

"So here they are: the Scotblogs awards.

"I had originally planned on running this throughout December. But I have been quite busy so it has been pushed back to January. I figured that if it’s good enough for the Oscars to be held in March and the Mercury Music Prize to be held in September, holding the Scotblogs awards in January would be just fine!

"I should point out that the Scotblogs awards will not just be about patting each other on the back (though no doubt that will form a part of it). But primarily it is intended as a celebration of Scottish blogging as a whole, and a way to promote new and under-appreciated blogs."

He wants you're nominations (or you own opt out) in by 13 January, but is also looking for any suggestions of how to structure said awards. Having recently, while back home in Northern Ireland had a drink with some of the Slugger O'Toole mob who run a Northern Irish equivalent, which is quite an event. And being in the crush in Old Harry's Bar in August for the Lib Dem BOTYs I'm sure the Scots will come up with something to match them both eventually.

Rumours are that Tom Harris is going to be providing a red carpet for the occasion. However, after his generous outlay of a round at the August bloggers meet up it may end up only being a swatch of carpet.


  1. Hmmm,

    Scottish blogging is full of snobbery and full of 'bloggers' who take themselves too seriously.

    I think I'll pass...

  2. Now that causes a problem you were thte sort of blog I was going to nominate to get around that.