Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Top Ten Blogposts of 2009

This will now be my 800th 803rd Blog Post of 2009, indeed it is the 99th 102nd of this very productive month (of course I go a write three more while coming up with my shortlist). The leanest month was June when there were still 37 blogposts, may have been down to post election syndrome, but that still an average of just over one per day. December was the most productive. Even if it meant one particular Saturday scouring You Tube and coming up with posts for when I thought I might not be so readily online over the holiday period.

However with the Orwell Awards and the end of the year it is a good time to reflect on the best of that selection from this year. Not all of my best writing comes when I am happy, nothing like a good rant eh.

Speaking of Orwell of course 2010 sees the last time Big Brother will appear on our screens. So in the words of Davina McCall here are my best bits.

10. Friday Blog Love: Where I Agree with Tony Blair -taking a look at an interview with the former Prime Minister about the progress on gay issues in the 15 years that Attitude had been around.

9. The 3.5% Growth Myth - You know when something grates with you as not sounding right here is how I fisked the budget but I didn't do that just once, but twice because of one little phrase.

8. Letter to my Sixteen Year Old Self - A recent one from only the other week but one I though about for a while. Of this one Paul Walter said "Well done Stephen. This concept does my head in a bit, but when I read letters like yours it makes sense of the idea."

7. Votertragedyapproachesgordonisatrocious - Regular readers will of course know that down through the years I've messed around with songs and made the words topical, this one is the not the tune you are expecting from Mary Poppins but the title came to me after and had be laughing all the more.

6. West Lothian Question for Sky Election Debate - Being a political activist and candidate in this neck of the wood does mean that one giant and one intervention in Parliament always manages to seep in. So on a subject I believe I've blogger five times on a monthly basis this year two Linlithgow sons Tam and Alex both get a mention.

5. Secularism Shouldn't Cold Shoulder All People of Faith - When the National Secularist Society said that people of religion from our pluralist society shouldn't be allowed in the House of Commons I played devil's advocate, that is if a man of such staunch Ulster Protestant stock can take on such a Roman Catholic role.

4. The Hardest Word Lacking Feeling: Jan Moir has Spoken Again - Of course following the tragic loss of Stephen Gately I could have more or less filled a top ten of stories that mentioned Jan Moir. Not bad for just over 2 months on the public consciousness. This is where I fisk her unpology*.

3. It's Not the Champagne that is Story - David Cameron got himself into a right Pickle, when he was caught breaking campaign manager Eric's embargo on senior Tories being seen enjoying to much bubbly at conference. I said it wasn't so much the champagne in a recession that was the story but the control that the freedom this, freedom that Tory party wanted to exercise.

2. Tour of Argyll and Bute Take 2 - During the MPs expenses scandal the Torygraph did make a number of stupid statements. One was that Alan Reid the Lib Dem MP should not be allowed to claim expenses for staying at B&Bs in his constituency while visiting constituents during the summer recess. I took just one example of the alternative proposal of getting Alan back to his constitueny home at the end of the day. Take one was actually not me but Caron who was having all sorts of techy issues, so I just jazzed her point up with illustrations etc.

1. Why I Still Need to Go To Church - The title was to a counter point to Caron's piece but considering she opening admitted to this making her cry, each of the times she had to go back a read it, I think it stands up there as my blog post of 2009. It is actually the one I'm most delighted to have written.

* Surely this is the blogging word of the year and destined for the Oxford English Dictionary being used even outside Lib Dem circles I note. Wonder is any other word in the OED has its origins of usage from a felinophobic Elephant.

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