Monday, 14 December 2009

Time for the Rich to Heed Africa

The African countries have walked out of the Copenhagen talks because of the lack of movement from the industrialised countries to take responsible action now, beyond the Kyoto measures. The formal talks are currently therefore in suspension.

The African nations are amongst those that are liable to feel the first major effects of any catastrophic climatic change. That is if they are already not suffering from this. Around 200 activists in the hall started to shout "We Stand for Africa - Kyoto Targets now" when news of the African unrest that the Danes hosting the summit were about t0 sideline an extension of emission cuts under Kyoto.

The EU and other developed countries were discussing a new agreement out of Copenhagen, but the African countries were fearful that the gains made under Kyoto in 1997 would be swept aside as a result. The US commitment to 3% under its 1990 level while a big move from where they currently are is one of the prime examples of a behind Kyoto agreed levels. As this has come from one of the biggest producers of CO2 the need for change here is at its most critical. In the eyes of Africa the rich and greedy nations of the world are not doing enough to help alleviate their painful future.

Africa is speaking up because their survival is most at risk by the dolittle's of the industrialised nations. They know the need of radical reform first hand, they are now crying out for it. They are no longer prepared to be walked over as a great price of what is at stake is known to them, it is not just a mild irritating increase in temperature to them, but a real danger that they will never be able to feed their own people as a result.

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  1. Not another one. It is perfectly clear you know "catastrophic global warming" is a total eco-fascist lie. And if you actually cared about Africa you wouldn't be part of a movement that has killed 70 million people, mainly African children.