Thursday 28 June 2012

Possible new chant for Livingston

In 2009 my beloved Livingston were forced into insolvency due to a rogue owner. HMRC were after their money. We were thrown out of the league but the next day we were out of liquidation due to the bid the fans had been supporting, as well as the administrators, all summer came in to rescue the club and put it on a firm footing.

Roll on three years and another team with a number of rogue owners owes HMRC a lot more money and same goes to other creditors. Like Gretna before them they look like they will be penalised by the other SPL Clubs with full force. They will then have to reapply to join the SFL like Livingston and Gretna before them. But here the story changes.

The SPL is known as the Self Preservation League in some quarters always looking out for their own. But the SFL may now be known as the Smels Fishy League after they are saying:

"The SFL is trying to address the question of whether we are in a position to accommodate a solution to the Rangers FC scenario.

"We are trying to achieve a solution which will be in the best interests of the SFL and the wider game."

And propose:

  • Rangers are to be relegated with immediate effect and replaced in the SPL by Dundee
  • Television rights for Rangers matches in Scottish Football League Division One are to be bought by the SPL for £1m
  • The SPL and SFL will merge into one body at the start of season 2013-14
  • Play-offs between the top two divisions will be introduced in time for the coming season with one team from the top flight and three from the second tier competing for a place in the following season's SPL
  • There will be an increase in the parachute payments made to clubs relegated from the SPL
  • Changes will be made to the distribution model for clubs in the top two tiers with teams in the lower leagues earning a similar amount to the current set-up
  • A new pyramid system will become effective from season 2014-15 that will allow a potential place in the new league format for a team from either the Highland league or newly-created 'Lowland League'
  • Rangers newco's acceptance into the Scottish FA would only be approved if they accept responsibility for the football debts and fines incurred by the previous club along with their waiving of rights to a legal challenge
 I know that should Ranger Newco come to Almondvale or the Amber and Black go to Ibrox under such an arrangement rather than the path through Division 3 there will be a new chant rolled out just for the occasion. It may go something like this.

If you've been through liquidation clap your hands
If you started out again clap your hands.
But unlike the Hun we're in Division One
Having won Division Three and Two
We didn't cheat our way back here unlike you


  1. There's surely something wrong witht hat first sentence - I mean, who uses the words "beloved" and "Livingston" consecutively?


  2. That reminds me of a chant all the more heated after another SPL end of season dispute.

    We are the Livingston FC
    We hate the Pars and we hate Scumdee