Friday 15 June 2012

Argyll and Bute Council censoring 9-year-old creativity

Argyll and Bute council yesterday made a very supportive head teacher in a primary school take one of their nine year old pupils out of class to inform her that she could no longer take photographs of her school dinners and rate them in a fun way with fun facts and blog them. As the blog grew to over 2 million hits since it started in April to feature international school dinners as well.

My friend Andrew (aka Scottish Liberal) wrote this excellent post about it, which explains he take on what she has done from a professional photographer and .

Another Scottish twitter Wings Over Scotland talking to Andrew came up with the idea that every  Scottish blogger should blog one of her pictures today.

So while Argyll and Bute council can censor a 9-year-old they can't silence all of the MacBlogosphere

All the best Veg and don't let the heavy handed bureaucrats stop you being creative.

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  1. I've got pieces for Lib Dem Voice and my own blog lined up for later. It beggars belief. Maybe, though, they are just trying to draw attention to her excellent blog and help her raise money for charity, sacrificing their own image in the process. This looks churlish, petulant and unreasonable and I hope they think again.