Wednesday 13 June 2012

An Ode to Maginnis #LGBT

A poem based on Lord Ken Maginnis's comments on the 'Nolan Show' this morning, his speeches in the House of Lords on the introduction of Civil Partnerships and other actions of his and other Unionist opinions on the LGBT community in Northern Ireland.

I don't obsess about what you get up to with your wife
But as you now have grandkids I guess it's a love for life.
I don't prey on what laws you break if you are being lax
I mean only a fool protests Ireland by failing to pay UK car tax.
And while when you were at college the gays were closeted away
It's probably because before '82 here they'd too end up locked away.

I'd like to imagine that your next door neighbours haven't yet been civil partnered
Because they like you want marriage and they feel equality is what matters.
But then on matters of equality do you want Northern Ireland to be included
Or shall we keep those gays low down as they clearly are deluded,
With a need for medial assistance to sort out their feelings
Head to a nice psychiatrist for reparative healings.

I doubt you judge your marriage's worth on how you perform in bed
But on the love you have for your wife and other things instead.
But that's a private matter how your share you love with your wife
You didn't have to fight to recognise that marriage set for life
You don't have one in four fellow citizens not wanting you next door
Because of the sort of comments made by political dinosaurs.
You compare us to paedophiles or unnatural, call us deviants,
Thinks our blood's unclean, we're unsafe to adopt and repugnant.

It's alright for Unionists to march against Irish influence to say No!
But not alright for gays to march to highlight that equality has a way to go.

How come road blocks and civil disobedience is to be encouraged
While a joyous parade in summer is aggressive and participants besmirched?

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