Saturday 2 June 2012

Norn Iron has the flame #Olympics #London2012

So a woman carrying a naked flame in a glass container has been allowed to cross the tarmac of one of Northern Ireland's airport.

What did the police do? Well some of them just stood there and watched. Some of them exited a nearby plane and joined in.

How times have changed!

Picture from the BBC's live feed
Of course the fact that the woman carrying the flame was the Lord Lieutenant of Belfast, a member of the British Olympic Association and Northern Ireland's own golden girl Dame Mary Peters may give you some idea as to what flame it was.

For the next five days the flame will be touring this island, yes it even takes a morning sightseeing in  Dublin. Which may well account for all the Northern Irish Olympians in team Northern Ireland. I may have to let you know a little bit more about them later as they will be spread across two teams.

But the flame is here. Well okay it is currently up in Belfast, but tomorrow it will pass within 200m of our house. But I may be up to catch it downtown a little earlier than that. Looking for some good locations to take pictures of it passing me. Sadly I suspect this will be the closest I get to the Olympics. But I'm looking forward to it.

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