Sunday 3 June 2012

Didn't we have a lovely time when the Torch came to Bangor

Earlier this week my friend Chairman Cole sent the Olympic Torch Relay on its way to Bangor.

Well I am glad to inform him that it made her safely to the second Bangor this week early this morning. Just after six it left Belfast and via Holywood arrived in Bangor just before 7am.

I joined the crowd at the sea front.

As first the convoy of sponsors vehicles

Then the coaches and vans came by
Before we finally saw the Torch bearer
The reason we were all on the sea front was that a short walk/run away

Was Upper Main Street were we got to see it pass again.

 Then me and my mum headed back to the car and ended up getting caught in a early Sunday morning traffic jam on the Newtownards Road as the convoy actually passed about 200m from our house.

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