Tuesday 3 January 2012

Iowa what do the beans tell us

Well the first result from Iowa has been declared that of Hamburg Inn #2 Coffee Bean Caucus as I wrote about yesterday.

The results show a clear winner in Barack Obama (indeed polling 2,472 more than the Republicans combined), which in hardly surprising in this Democrat State. But what of the Republicans. Well Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Ricky Santorum have all stopped by while on the campaign trail. Yet only Bachmann seems to have benefited from her stop leading the poll. Santorum who is showing a last minute surge in the opinion polls to be in a tie with Romney and Paul is only the 6th best Republican in these parts.

So there you have it in the bean counters have been at their job and the result is in.

1: Barack Obama: 6,442
2: Michele Bachmann: 1,147
3: Mitt Romney: 850
4: Ron Paul: 724
5: Newt Gingrich: 548
6: Rick Perry: 295
7: Rick Santorum: 223
8: Jon Huntsman: 183

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