Monday 2 January 2012

Iowa Caucus but what news from the Hamburg Inn's Coffee Beans

The Iowa Caucus tomorrow kicks off the race to select Presidential Candidates the polls are saying that Ricky Santorum is gaining on Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in what is statistically as three way tie (while the other Republicans are polling low). However, what many are asking is what is happening over at Hamburg Inn #2 in Iowa City. It has been held since the 80s and replicated in The West Wing. Here is a look at a report from the 2008 Election Campaign Caucus when both fields were wide open.

But what of 2012?

Well Hamburg Inn #2 has seen action from a Gay Robot before Christmas when Michele Bachmann turned up to try and up her jar of coffee beans. Although as you watch the following you'll see that a police officer seems to threaten the Gay Robot's First Amendment rights. He says, "If you go back in you will be facing some additional issues."

It didn't get any better for Bachmann as this next clip shows in the same venue.

As for the Coffee Beans the runes that seem to have been pretty accurate for Reagan, Clinton and Obama amongst others there is little news over the last few days there may be more later today, if so I will let you know. But 5 days ago they were saying it was close between Romney and Paul before the latest surge from Santorum.

Here is a song about the White House wannabes.

Of course the Iowa Caucus is not a great indicator of who is going to win. But it will be a good indicator to a few of the candidates that they are not going to win.

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