Friday, 23 June 2006

Cameron Flip Flops on Jonathan Ross Show

Watch out for Friday Night with Jonathan Ross tonight. You will hear David William Donald Cameron say that Blair was right to go to war in Iraq and said that those who had supported military action should 'see it through'.

Is this the same David Cameron who was quoted on an election leaflet earlier this year in Dunfermline saying?:

"Issues that once divided Conservatives from Liberal Democrats are now issues where we both agree. Our attitude to devolution and the localisation of power. Iraq."

I happen to remmeber the appearance of that quote on election literature because when I returned from deliveries to see the offending comments. Must people's reaction went something like this:

Iraq? Iraq! IRAQ!!! When have we ever agreed with the Tories on Iraq?

In fact I remember poor Michael Veitch my Conservative opponent in last May's General Election being the only one of the candidates to support the war in Iraq from the platform during hustings.

So is this another Chameleon moment for Dave? Saying one thing to try and not be totally wiped out in Dunfermline but having to maintain the party line on a national platform? Or is this a flip-flop in the extreme within such a sort period? Does Dave really know his mind and what words are coming out of his mouth?


  1. It is extraordinary, if true- and I suppose it must be true.

    Presumably Cameron is now getting back on message in his attempt to suck up to the Bush regime. But the question is how on earth did he manage to get so badly off message at the time of Dunfermline?
    Was he unduly under the influenece?

  2. "how on earth did he manage to get so badly off message at the time of Dunfermline?"

    He thought if he said we agreed with us on Iraq he would get more votes. Fat lot of good it did him.

    He has gone back to showing his true colours. I hope someone is keeping a file of all these flip flops.

  3. Don't worry Paul I'm not the only one keeping a various chameleon shades file on this guy.