Monday, 19 June 2006

Brown Aide Predicts Labour Failure

In what was an interesting weekend of pronouncements from various Labour sources Michael Wills MP for Swindon North, former Home Office Minister says that on its current course Labour are heading for 15 years in the wilderness following the next General Election.

Mr Wills has put it down to a matter of trust, basically because he still believes that Labour have good messages on public services. He also thinks the issue is to get the public listening to Labour. He in fact said:

"Unless we can get people to start listening to us, unless they are prepared to hear the messages we are putting across, we are going to lose next time. There is no question about it."

Well Mr Wills personally I think the people are listening to what Labour has to say and aren't happy with it. But I agree with him that it looks like they will lose next time.

Only if it is a matter of trust that is the problem with Blair then Chamelon Dave had better start deciding which colour he is going to remain no matter what the background colour. Too much camoflage from the Tory leader would also sink the good ship Tory.

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