Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Tory Way to Bring Ethnic Diversity and Other Issues

Brian Jenner over at Conservative Home has produced 10 ways to liven up your Conservative Association


People want to try something new. Keep an eye on your High Street. If an exotic restaurant opens, put your head round the door and introduce yourself. ‘I’m involved with the local Conservative Association, could we do a deal to have a buffet in your fantastic new place? We’ll supply 20 people and give you some local promotion on our website and in our newsletter. You give us one free drink, a free buffet and a short talk about your cuisine.’ You charge your members, you learn something and you’re guaranteed to be in a cutting edge venue

Who else but a conservative could use the word exotic in quite a patronising way?Would this include a new Kebab takeaway? That would be ethnic and I'm sure most Tories would learn something. As for cutting edge, well in some inner city High Streets I wouldn't like to comment. Mind you it does show the extent to which Tories really require to diversify ethnically. Especially if they need short talks about ethnic cuisine, I wonder if that would include Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.

As for putting it on the local Tory party website, don't most of these appear around election time and disappear soon afterwards. A bit like Syed's endorsement for that Lobster restaurant during the BBC's recent Apprentice series.


If you are involved in politics it helps to know your neighbours. Create a flyer saying that you’re going to organise a street party in the road/ a back garden/ park to generate some neighbourhood spirit. Ask anyone who wants to help to send you an email. Organise tables and make plans in case of rain. Get everyone to bring their own sandwiches and drinks. Don’t tell them you’re a Conservative. Let them find out later.

Maybe this was inspired by the recent Idiots Lantern episode of Doctor Who.

Don't mention you're a Conservative let them find out later. How much later? Blocking off some streets I know would really not create much community spirit, more the opposite as you try and be heard over the strain of beeping horns, and that would just be Jeremy Clarkson trying to pump out a lot more CO2.


Get people to pay up front. Sort out an online credit card payment facility. People are very mean about small amounts of money. Better to charge £15 for an event, than charge £10 and bother people with raffle tickets. Banning raffles from the Conservative Party would be my Clause 4 moment. You can raise more money in the long term by generating goodwill and providing a proper service.

Wow if the least contentious issue that David Cameron is going to face is banning raffles in the Conservative Party they really must not be looking at filling the policy void that currently exists.

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