Tuesday, 27 June 2006

A-Lististo Spokesperson Fails to Secure Seat

Anne McIntosh MP for the Vale of York, which is disappearing under boundary changes, and Tory spokeperson on Work and Pension has failed in her bid to gain selection for Selby. In another blow for Chameleon Dave's A-Lististos not even potential Government ministers, who already have Parliamentary experience, can fend off local candidates such as Nigel Adams.


  1. Pathetic and desperate. I thought LibDems always thought local candidates were a good thing. Nigel Adams is a first class candidate and his selection is a blow only to LibDems who haven't got a hope in this seat.

  2. Now, now Iain you can't have it both ways. You posted here last week that there were more A-List candidates on the Folkstone and Hythe shortlist that the press were reporting. You haven't told me where they are from geographically do any of them live near that part of Kent or will they be communting from London. Now you say that a local A-List candidate losing out to a local non-A-Lististo is all a matter of geography.

    For the record I live in the Linlithgow and Falkirk East constituency. How are things in Norfolk North?