Thursday, 1 June 2006

Naughty Boy Gives Up Home

So John Prescott has given up Dorneywood. No more croquet on the lawns for him and his staff then. The Times Online front page is interestingly laid out today.

Firstly there is the headline Prescott Quits House which can be slightly miscontrued. Normally for a MP this would have other connotations that what is relevant in Prezza's case.

Directly below that however is the headline that naughty boys cost an extra £6,000 a year. Surely that is a conservative estimate when it come to Prescott. Between his former grace and favour Dorneywood and his retained appartment at Admiralty House he is costing far more than that. Then there is the £133,000 salary for not running a department any longer. The guy has gone from a full time department to a part time job surely that requires some sort of reappraisal of his salary, even if he is the person to stand-in for the boss.

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