Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Green Men Speak with Forked Tongue

Oh dear they claim to talk the talk but clearly neither of them walk the walk.

David Chamelons new green caring Conservatives clearly are not even prepared to talk about key issues. The had agreed to discuss environmental policies with the Liberal Democrats but when they failed to commit on issues such as nucleur power and climate change levy Sir Menzies Campbell pulled the Lib Dems out of the discussions.

Tony Blair doesn't fare any better this morning. The Soctsman reports that the Environment Agency are upset that he is not looking at a technology neutral approach to cutting carbon ommissions. With Nuclear Blairs favouring of new nucleur power stations the agency is concerned that all types of low-carbon power generation, including also wind, wave, biomass, geothermal and solar, are being overlooked.

Mr Clive Bates of the Environment Agency says:

"[Mr Blair] amy not be listening to our advice.

We are concerned about the displacement effect of a large programme of investment in one capital-intensive technology like nucleur may have on energy efficiency and renewable technology."

The agency's warning was echoed by Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrat leader, who yesterday told an audience of business leaders:

"Investment in nuclear will discourage investment in other technologies that could supply capacity."

With the news that Scotland is ahead of reaching its renewable energy generation target and England and Wales lagging behind it is clear that only with Liberal Democrats in power can people get a government that actually has an impact on the environment. The only difference that Scotland has is the Liberal Democrat thrust that green issues affect all areas of goverenance and as such have got this included in every area of Scottish policy making.


  1. Stehen, I had not linked the good progress on renewables in Scotland to the influence of the Liberal Democrats but you may well be right. The party should making sure they get the credit they deserve and work to see that it continues. The renewable energy industry could benefit Scotlands economy as well as helping in the effort to limit global warming and reducing reliance on nuclear power.

  2. Quite right Trevor. In fact I saw on the news last night one company using their experience in creating oil rigs being used to create decks to support off shore wind turbines, that is certainly a skill that is abundant in vast swathes of Scotland and other former ship building areas of the UK for thaat matter.