Tuesday, 13 June 2006

More Misery for Gaza

Another Air strike on Gaza.

While the aim of the Isrealis was to stop militants firing rockets across the border something they actually acheived (apparently Islamic Jihad have confirmed that Hamoud Wadiya their top record launcher and a colleague were two of the nine dead) there was also heavy civilian casualties.

Amongst the seven dead civilians it is reported that Hisham al-Mugrabi aged 4 his brother Shaher aged 8 and their father Ashraf are the latest victims leaving one family heavily in grieve.

Isreal may be working at stamping out the rocket attackers but are doing little to sort out the root cause of the people motivated to do this, or launch suicide attacks on the country. The oppression, the walling in of Palestinians all add to the tensions in the area. Isreal and Palestine need to get back together and discuss their joint future it is the only way to sort out this problem, collateral damage and killing of innocents is only going to intensify this sort of situation.

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