Friday, 2 June 2006

Judge's Sick Cover Sorted in Parliament

Whatever we think of John Prescott he does fill one vital role, if anything should happen to Tony Blair or he is out of the country or on holiday Prezza steps up to carry out the role vacated by the leader of the country. The same has not been so for the top Judge in Scotland.

Steps have been taken by Jack McConnell to ensure that the recent lack of cover for the top post on the Scottish judicary is not repeated.

Lord Hamilton was only started his new post in December last year but has been off with stress since April and was admitted to the priory last week. In his absence no other judge could run important judicial organisations, advise the Executive or make decisions on certain appeal cases. So far three cases have been delayed because of Lord Hamilton's illness.

Lord Gill the Lord Justice Clerk is set to step in to cover for the incapacitated Hamilton in the interim.

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