Monday, 6 July 2009

Wikio Rankings I Have Competition

For a while since my return to blogging many have deemed me to be the foremost voice on the blogs of Scottish Lib Dem Bloggery. But I have competition and I couldn't be happier with who is coming up behind in on the June Wikio Political listings.

As my good friend Caron has already posted the list of the Top Seven Scottish Blogs so by my linking back to her I'm not not sure if my 6 places higher gives her more influence than her link to me. Long ago seem the days that I helped Caron with some of the basic how tos for her blog when she started out. Although I'm still looking to try new innovative things and always love the wows that brings about. Even if it does lead to a hasty rewrite of training material for a conference training session when I launch something new on Day one.

So as number 5 and 6 in Scotland and the top two Scottish Lib Dems on Wikio there is of course also the challenge to be West Lothian's most influential blogger. The fact that my main competition is from my agent in the 2005 election, who takes great joy at election times in dumping me somewhere to get some campaigning done before I even get to whatever headquarters we are working out of. Of course I love to get my own back by calling saying I'm finished before she expects me to deliver the wad of leaflets she has left me with could possible be delivered.

The lovely future Lib Dem MP Charlotte Gore has of course as is becoming traditional posted her list of the top 10 Lib Dem blogs, although it's not Stephen Linlithgow's Journal but Stephen's Linlithgow Journal . This month sees the return of Jennie Rigg at her new URL hot on my tails so I guess that's overtaking me last week unless I pull my finger out. But Mark Reckons has shown the by by shooting up 28 to 27, nice one.

However, here's one for the Lib Dem Blogosphere has a top 10 that taking out LDV has 6:3 in a Male:Female ratio in the top 10. So with Caron as 11th Lib Dem at 79, then the asexual, like LDV, Liberal Vision at 81, the Lady Mark at 83, and Lynne Featherstone at 87. Are we getting Gender Balance in the top 14? Only joking Mark.

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  1. Indeed, I would not be where I am today without your patient response to the panicked e-mails I sent you. I still have some of them, and I bet you do because, like a hamster, you keep everything:-).

    I certainly would not be able to do links without you, or photos, or anything that involves any sort of geekery.

    I think we complement each other - our blogs are completely different - and I suspect the competition will be very good for both of us.