Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Belfast to Star in Top Gear Mini Adventure

The old Victorian sewers in Belfast are currently undergoing a £100m refurbishment scheme. But somebody at Northern Ireland Water said, "Hang on lads, I've got a great idea."

The idea was to approach the BBC with a number of proposals to use the new six mile series of tunnels in programming. The idea that struck was the possibility to recreate the classic scene from The Italian Job where Michael Caine and the team flee through the sewers of Turin (although the ones in Coventry were used for the shoot).

But who to do such a thing.

Some say they are on the most wanted list of the homophobic deep South.

Some say that no caravan in save within a 3 mile radius of them behind the wheel of a car.

Well in the coming weeks Jeremy Clarkson, Richard 'Hamster' Hammond and James 'Captain Slow' May who have driven to the North Pole, taken on planes, trains, bobsleighs and mountaineering base jumpers will be going underground. So let the boys all drive and the boys all shoot for the challenge.

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