Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Less than 24 Hours to Save Our Lions

William Hague famously on the eve of the 2001 election shouted from his soapbox there was only 24 hours to save the pound. Well 8 years later I still have it in my pocket, however this fate of Livngston FC may well be up at noon tomorrow.

The paper that as a true Liverpool fan I cannot bring myself to read has a headline flashing up in google news 'No Tears if Livi Fold'. Well I believe Kenny Black the manager of Clydebank
Airdrie United might have been the one of the mangers who knows just what a team means to the fans, in his case two sets.

Earlier this month I heard a lot of promises from Angelo Massone. With his back up against the wall I thought he may well have followed through with some of them, it appears that was not the case. He has yet to walk away from Livingston and he is the only person making the future untenable. He over the last 12 months has done something that not even Pearse Flynn managed to do and lose all respect in the local community; fans, business and the Council. Even at the end of Flynn's reign the fans knew they could get him to rescind a decision, when we sang for Mark Proctor to be kept on when it was rumoured that the best man we'd had for years was going to be let go. Flynn took the fans advise and kept the man on, unfortunately he sold the club soon after an that promise was rescinded by the Italians.

Now there is only thing we want Angelo Massone to do. There is a time frame in which he has to do it. Please sell your controlling interest to the club for the £25,000 that the Administer is asking for. At least that way you can keep one of your promises, to save Livingston Football Club. But do it before midday, don't listen to that lawyer, listen to the fans.


  1. If they fold, can't the supporters start a new club, a la AFC Wimbledon, FC United et cetera?

  2. I'm sure that a Phoenix will arise from whatever comes. Just it will not be in time for this season if we fold this week.