Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mass Resignation Does Devine Go Too

If what Jonathan Calder points out from today's Mail on Sunday is true what does that mean for Jim Devine and Livingston. The Mail on Sunday tells us:

"Rebel Labour MPs are threatening to force a series of parliamentary by-elections in a new attempt to oust Gordon Brown from Downing Street.

Well-placed sources say that a number of Labour MPs are prepared to sacrifice themselves as part of a 'guerrilla campaign' against the Prime Minister.

They include some older MPs who are prepared to bring forward their decision to retire at the next Election and others who believe they have been victimised.

Of course shortly after he was deselected Devine threatened to do exactly what Ian Gibson did in Norwich North and resign his seat forcing a by election. There has been nothing more heard from Devine about this since. But if over the summer recess the biggest, if not bigger, mass resignation of MPs since the Unionists all resigned in Northern Ireland over the Anglo Irish agreement in 1986 will Devine be amongst them?

Back then of course it was in protest to the actions of another party and there were casualties. If it were to happen as the MoS suggests it be in protest over their own leader's handling of things and of far bigger embarrassment. There would more than likely be casualties just as there was on Friday in Norwich North.

We live in interesting times: possibly.


  1. Don't think it will happen as there have been so many chances missed. Then again, it is nearer the election ...

  2. This may happen but Devine certainly wont be throwing himself on the barbed wire. He'll have got the calculator out and realised he shouldnt have spent all that money on beer and horses. Oh well, career number four coming up for the devine james.....

    he's got a lot of shelving - maybe he could rent it out as self storage?