Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It's "Livi 'til I Die" Surely not "Livi 'Til They Die"

This morning as I went out the door I lifted my Livingston scarf and placed it around my neck. It is not cold outside nor is it a football day, but I'm doing it to so that I still support Livingston. The scarf I chose was the one celebrating our winning the CIS Cup in 2004 whilst in administration (pictured).

Five years ago when the club first entered administration as will all clubs that face the uncertainty of such times the fans on the terraces started singing "Livi, til I Die", ironically this is to the tune of "I'm H.A.P.P.Y". Today may well be the final curtain, or just the end the Scottish league journey....for now. However, there is still hope, there are people interested in keeping the club going, keeping the dream alive.

As regular readers will know that one stumbling block is Angelo Massone. If he doesn't relinquish his controlling interest in the team by high noon, Livingston will be entering the spaghetti western tragic ending of liquidation.
All I can say to Angelo Massone is this morning is, "If you are man enough, sell up, walk away leave those of us who have committed heart and soul into this club a future. You've failed in this football venture, admit defeat and move on, let us start afresh, again." I just urge him to do it this morning.

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  1. I can't believe the stubbornness of this man! Feeling very gloomy about it all and sympthy with the real fans like you who have been out supporting them week after week except when I dump you in somewhere to deliver leaflets...