Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stepher's Super Four: Pick the First 11th -18th Jul 2009

I think the whole being co-trainer of Malc and Audrey's Loch Ness Marathon effort has got me thinking of those glory days when I could run a mile in under 4 minutes. As everyone else is doing their own little round up and as I have connections with all four of the four home nations I'm going to present my own Home Nations of blog posts from the week.

So representing England this week is the excellent James Graham looking at an underlying malaise in the Lib Dems. One I agree we need to do something about and should really be the party best placed to do just that.

The land of my fathers, no not Wales for me Northern Ireland sparked a whole load of excellent posts this week as you would expect, many from the varied writers on Slugger O'Toole (well worth a bookmark and a blogroll listing for anyoe serious about politics) but others elsewhere. But my pick of this bunch is by Michael Shilladay on Gerry Adams World Tour with narrow focus on unity.

Ok after the tease with land of our fathers let's go to Wales I'm going to suggest Cymru Politics acknowledgement that my Lib Dem colleagues in Wales are holding the Welsh Assembly Government to account over £750,000 spent on various credit cards. Including £250, 000 for kids furniture for the New York office.

From Scotland I'm going with Kelvin Holdsworth, Dean of St. Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow and this take on the same sex marriage debate.

I'll be doing a super 4 from the 4 corners of the UK every weekend going forward. (What have I let myslef get into now?)

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  1. Good luck! I start mine every month for the following Saturday but it's constantly changed. Amazing how fast the blogosphere moves.