Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Always Believing You Are Gold

Congratulations to Tom Daley at just 15 and while going through growing pains he has lifted the gold medal at the World Championships for diving.

But don't be too embarrassed about your dad, parents keep on doing that, it’s not just a teenage thing. Don't get me wrong I loved the fact that my father would try and get to cheer me on sometimes as often as 4 times on a 10 k road race. Having a map reader in the family who knows his walking pace has its advantages.

When I was playing bowls in my breakthrough season I didn't deliberately ignore him. The fact that there were only 8 games on at the time when he came back from holiday, eventually down to the last one, I had the cap down and was ignoring everyone apart from those of us on the green. Yes I'd heard him asking questions behind me that I could have actually answered myself. But I didn't say 'hi dad' for an age, I didn't want him to break me away from my zone.

The fact that my mother used to escort her schools hockey team to play against our school in the hope that she could watch my brother play; as he wasn't as into the family spectating, just shows the lengths they will go to.

But Tom you acknowledged as we all do how important, those at times embarrassing, parents are to the success of any sportsman. They are the one group who will always support you no matter what you have just been through. From the highs to the lows.

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