Friday, 3 July 2009

Heat, Hayfever and Hell of a Busy Time at Work

Finishing work at 17:45 on a Friday is not fun, especially when you are normally out the door for the start of the weekend at four. Adding to that that the only part of the Andy Murray match I saw live was the last game and tie break of the third set and then the final few games of the match itself.

But the reason for that and the reason that my blogging hasn't been up to it's normal speed is that I've been a little bit busier at work than normal. One of colleagues is currently enjoying the coolness of Portugal (yeah it was warmer in Edinburgh yesterday than where he was) plus for the last three days we've been getting the data ready for the quaterly review. Oh yeah and the man who's name is on the building was over so I had to do a business review Powerpoint Presentation for his turning up.

Add to all that hecticness at work you have my hayfever leaving me feeling terrible in the morning plus I'm not really one for sleeping at the best of times, but in this heat it's nigh on impossible. All in all not an easy time for me. But hopefully I've broken the camels back and things, such as some of my readers early morning read should be back to normal all of next week, and thereafter.


  1. Yeah, it's bloody hot round here! I've recently moved to Linlithgow....been sleeping a few hours every alternate night, largely through exhaustion and works!

    Anywhere good for a pint in town?!?!

  2. Well there is the Four Mary's and across the road the Auld Hole in the Wall. There's also the Black Bitch out towards the Bridge end of touwn and Platform 3 at the Station.

    All good.

    Good food at the Auld Hole in the Wall, locally produced and sourced.