Saturday, 18 July 2009

Gentlemen a Little Attention Please

Many of the menfolk are well aware that in the same week that cycling hero Lance Armstrong is fighting well in the Tour de France on his comeback, John Hartson the former footballer has had crucial surgery for cancer.

There is one thing these two gentlemen have had in common. Their cancer started in their testicles. Lance found his early sought advise and got his sorted. Hartson waited longer before seeking help and we have yet to know the outcome. As someone who has found an benign lump down there I was encouraged when Iain Dale posted this earlier. Iain had found this post from a Miserable Old Fart which included this educational video:

As Miserable Old Fart also points out:

Unfortunately some of the most at risk group will not be able to view this video. It is age restricted because it shows real testicles so people between 15 and 21 are not allowed to view it due to US obscenity laws!

Testicular cancer is most prevalent amongst young men aged 15 - 35, so a large section of those who need to know how to check their own balls are denied on line video advice! That is immoral, disgusting and unacceptably obscene!

I totally agree with this and Iain's Tweet:

But I'd also like to urge you also to be aware of the early signs of Bowel Cancer which it isn't so easy to detect. You never know quite when your may well need to know those signs.

And gentlemen don't be stoic about it. If in doubt, check it out. Give yourself the best chance to LiveStrong for a long time.

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