Friday, 3 July 2009

BBC Fail the Hooded Man

I've only missed a few episodes of the BBC drama Robin Hood when it has aired. One of those was last Saturdays, when I like over 12m other viewers was watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon.

Now I've learned before getting around to iPlayer-ing the episode I find out that not only have the BBC killed off Robin, but have axed the series as well. A BBC spokesman said:

'Viewers have enjoyed three fantastic series of Robin Hood but with the death of Robin in last week's finale, we feel that the show has reached its natural conclusion.'

Balderdash! Any executive at the BBC will recall the ITV series Robin of Sherwood and if they missed it they can catch it on ITV2 or something. When Michael Praed wanted out of the show they switched to one of the alternative legends of who Robin could have been and replaced Robin of Loxley with Robert of Huntingdon in the guise of Jason Connery.

Of course sharp witted readers amongst you are going to point out that there were also only three series over 26 episodes of Robin of Sherwood therefore 13 less than the BBC's own adaptation: but that's not really the point.

Jonas Armstrong was certainly Robin to Hoody Man to the hoody generation. Much as previous versions were to their forebears. I say though we can expect another TV adaptation of the hero of Sherwood Forest some time in the 2030s if current frequency of returning to a good yarn are anything to go by.

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