Saturday, 18 July 2009

What were your blogging highlights of the year?

Ok let me first say that my vote whizzed off through the ether to the Total Politics Ballot Box late Thursday night after a fair deal of cogitation, rumination and cutting & pasting in excel. So nothing that follows can change any of that.

Now I'm looking at the next task at hand I have a fair idea where I am heading but you may know what's it like, your head is down too busy typing at times to peep up over the parapet at all that is going on. So I'd like a little help from my Scottish blog writing and reading friends.

What are your highlights and lowlights of the blogging year?
Are there any little gems that stand out?
What where the top issues that the Scottish blogosphere pulled apart in debate and/or put back together again?

Any thoughts, comments etc would be appreciated at my email address. The sooner the better.

The reason?

Well all will be revealed at a later date.

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