Friday, 31 July 2009

Today is the First Day of the Life of My Club

Today may well be a happy day for me following last night's joyous news of the salvation of Livingston football club. But at the same time my heart is going out to the Hearts fans who find themselves next in the crosshairs of a creditor, in their case the HM Revenue and Customs.

Hearts fans have been concerned during the current financial and banking crisis as their owner Vladimir Romanov's fortune is based primarily on the fortunes of Lithuanian bank Ūkio Bankas. From as long ago as the Iceland banking crisis fans of the Gorgie club have looking anxiously at the credit rating of the bank that is also the clubs main sponsor.

I do hope that Hearts can pull through this, administration is threatened over their unpaid tax bill, but that need not be the end of the world. Thinking how down and out Livingston fans were yesterday Hearts are actually in better position asset-wise to ride out this storm. So even though I know a number of Edinburgh based fans of whatever club were prematurely toasting the death of Livingston FC I'll not be doing the same to any other fan just as I didn't with Gretna last year. Times are tough for all of us and our football clubs as well.

So keep your chin up Hearts fans, if Livi can pull through so can you.

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  1. you got out of jail, but good luck to the Lions....and Massone free!