Friday, 10 July 2009

Why I don't Blog About Torchwood?

The links from this blog entry come with spoiler alerts so if you are Sky+ing or recording all the episodes of Children of Earth the Torchwood five party look away now, there's nothing to see here.

As those who know me know I've always been a big sci-fi fan. Readers of this blog will see the occassional reference to the genre. But I don't Blog about Doctor Who or Torchwood because I easily get utdone by other Lib Dems and one of them is a fluffy elephant. So here are the best of the Lib Dem Torchwood blogs

Millennium Elephant (note subtitles are the pachyderm's own not those of Russell T Davis)

Day One - Women and Children First
Day Two - Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Day Three - Children of the Revolution
Day Four - CBBC

Also see Jenny Rigg complete with inbuilt spoiler alerts

Torchocalypse Day One
Torchocalypse Day Two
Day Four - Oh. My. God. (no spoilers)
Day Five

I'll update with later updates when they become available.


  1. But how on earth are you going to get nominated for Lib Dem blog of the year Stephen ?

    Th prerequisites for getting nominated appear to be

    1) You write 50% of your postings about Dr Who
    2) You post less than twice a week.

  2. I HATE Torchwood and that Captain Jack idiot.

    The new Dr Who hardly put a foot wrong until...

    1. The chavvy Lahn-don setting began to get thoroughly boring and irritating.

    2. Captain Jack barged in all full of testosterone like Scrappy Doo, to ruin a perfectly good franchise. Barrowman's acting range does not encompass irony or self-reflection and he's used Dr Who and the Torchwood spin-off as a vehicle to spring onto chat-show sofas and issue premature biographies.

    Ahh, bring back Tom Baker and wobbly scenery....I'm glad to get that off my chest after so many years!!!

    On the Dr Who plus side, Steven Moffat's writing is truly excellent (Russell Davis was good but somewhat repetitive once the first series had been completed) and David Tennant was up there with the best Doctors of all time.

  3. Blimey is that what I'm doing wrong Nich. And here was me thinking it was cause I'm not really Scottish.

    Aw Jess yes them were the days. But Doctors regenerate and the current one is doing a fine job.