Thursday, 9 July 2009

In which I Issue a Retraction

Readers may remember how last year I supported Michael Connarty when he fought for our poorer people who were left worse off by Alistair Darling's scraping of the 10p Income Tax rate.

However, following his vote on Tuesday against the retention of the 10p rate I withdraw my support on that issue. There were still some Labour rebels prepared to fight for what is right and fair for our most hard pressed citizens in these tough times. The Labour Government may well be talking about the 10% cuts of the Tories but have failed to waken up to the fact that they are in fact doing just that to the lowest paid. Frank Field who again led the rebellion to support the amendment to the Finance Bill said:

"The golden thread that knits us all together is that we came into this place not only to protect but to advance the interests of those who get the least from life.

"The 10p is a denial of all that we have come into public life about, and this is our last chance before the general election to rectify it."

Michael seems to have forgotten that thread even though he promised to stand up for such people when he sought election in 2005.

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