Thursday, 30 July 2009

Livi Til I Die and the Lions Roar Again

I left work at about 5:30 to head to Dean Bowling Club to play bowls in the Edinburgh Activity Mix Decathalon. We managed to get into the third/fourth playoff and we narrowly beaten 5-4. The net result of being in a zone of concentration playing sport is that iI wasn't refreshing the news feeds every five minutes for News of Livingston FC.

I opened my laptop once I got unto the platform at Haymarket and did refresh the BBC page for Scottish Division one to be greeted with the headline Livingston Saved from Liquidation and whooped with joy. I may also have uttered the odd expletive, so apologies to any fellow travellers. Too be honest I have still on cloud nine and I've only had one dark rum and coke all evening. I had my Livi top in my back and am now proudly wearing it on top of my sweatshirt.

The basic facts are that the SFL appear to have accepted that Neil Rankine and Gordon McDougall were the best hope for Livingston's continued survival. Angelo Massone turned up at Hampden but was turned away from the 3 hour meeting: he was the obstruction not the saviour.

The two experienced football bosses will help to manage the club for the next season which the SFL have accepted is a doable proposition. MacDougall ad earlier this month resigned from the board of Divisional rivals Dunfermline to show his commitment to the cause.

All I can just now it I'm Livi til I Die and long may that association continue.

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