Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So Joan McAlpine on the issue of trust with finances

Whatever your views on the abusive husband comments in Joan McAlpine's comments in yesterday's Daily Record lets us bear in mind she also said using the analogy of Westminster as the husband and Scotland as the wife:

But the husband complains she can't be trusted to manage her own money.


We could do much better with power over the economy, taxes and benefits. Scotland is as capable of running her own finances as England.

Let us not forget something.

In 1998 in the referendum for devolution there was a second question about varying tax raising powers, the people of Scotland said yes. So surely a sign of trust in dealing with their own finances.

The Calman Commission of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats you so despise wanted to trust Scotland further with tax raising powers.

And the Lib Dems even have a policy of fiscal autonomy for Scotland.

However, it was the SNP Government who failed to keep up payments to HRMC to enable the tax varying powers option to be maintained in 2010 and there is now a three year suspension on those powers.

So just how capable have the SNP been at running financial options for Scotland thus far?

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