Tuesday 13 March 2012

Five Lib Dem MPs call for rethink of #NHS Bill

add "declines to support the bill in its current form" and calls for an urgent summit of the royal colleges, professional bodies, patients' organisations and the government to plan health reforms based on the coalition agreement. 

It appears that five Liberal Democrat MPs Andrew George, John Pugh, Greg Mulholland, Adrian Sanders and David Ward have listened to Spring Conference. Not necessarily how votes went down over the weekend but the body of the speeches from the debate on Sunday. They have tabled to above amendment on the Health and Social Care Bill opposition day debate. 

They are not leaving it up solely to the Lib Dem Lords to come to their conclusion, the discretion given by conference removing those lines on Sunday, but having heard conference and the views from the professional bodies are looking for the best way forward. The way in which those in the health profession who know what is required at point of delivery can help shape what is required rather than leaving it up to politicians whimsy.

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