Friday 3 February 2012

Huhne and ex-wife to face charges

So the Crown Prosecution Service have announced that charges of perverting the course of justice are to be brought against the Environment Secretary Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce.

So with his cabinet position untenable who will take over this Lib Dem position. Not because he has been found guilty of anything, but because his resources or time and energy will have to be directed to defending himself. Therefore the ability to carry out his Government responsibilities would be limited as he is facing a criminal charge.

Who will be replacing him? There was talk of David Laws making his return. However, the BBC seem to be implying that Norman Lamb who is currently a senior adviser to Nick Clegg will be coming in, or Ed Davey.

Update: People are talking about the option of Davey going to DECC, Lamb to replace him at Business and Laws to become the PPS to the DPM.

Update 2: The above is mostly correct except for the fact that the PPS to the Deputy Prime Minister is actually going to be Jo Swinson not David Laws. In a rather nice loop in my own personal life, shortly after I went to University the MP for the seat entered the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and later a second promotion within the department found him as Chancellor, now the man who replaced him with Kingston as part of the seat name is in the Cabinet.

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