Saturday, 9 May 2009

Towel Day 2009 DNA Tribute 6

I've already shared the 45 Words that I wrote in honour of the first anniversary of Douglas Adams death and the inaugural Towel Day. When the series reached it's 42 edtion on 10 February 2004 what else could I do but return to the Guide. For the next 6 in the series I focussed on the original radio cast. Here there are all together.

Shropshire born actor, sacked five minutes into first job.
Voice first broadcast in The Card
West End debut during war.
For twenty-five years attempted speaking for Just a Minute without repetition, deviation or hesitation.
Famously narrated as 'The Book' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Cambridge Footlight performer in Douglas Adams' time.
Delighted when told a part written for and about him.
But upset about Arthur's obsesstion with tea.
Appearances in Amadeus, 12 Monkeys, Watership Down.
And is an audio book regular reader.
But forever remembered for 'that' dressing gown.

Versatile actor and writer, for Radio, TV and Film.
Fellow Footlight performer of Simon Jones.
Was only Radio's Ford.
Return to History for Chelmsford 123
Cameos in many British comedies.
Is voice-over that starts Drop the Dead Donkey repeats.
Will reprise Ford in Tertiary Phase.
Classically trained Shakespearean actor.
Numerous Theatre, Radio, TV and film credits.
Douglas Adams confined him to a broom cupboard.
Voiced Marvin and Gag Halfunt.
One of Harry Enfield's Kevin characters' Dads.
Soon playing Ronald Reagan in The American Presidents.
Not just a voice, you know.

From rep and fringe theatre, then hitting the West End.
Has been Pooh's friend Christopher Robin, Peter Pan and an unemployed astrophysicist.
Has worked with Rainbow's Jane in cabaret.
One of Macbeth's witches but also several nice nurses.
Princess Eilonwy's voice in Disney's Black Cauldron.

Bi-dextral uni-cranial acting produce of two thesbians Peter Davey and Anna Wing.
Cambridge educated where he appeared in Footlights.
Big break required extra head and arm.
Mainly theatrical performer, director and teacher.
Has a directing OBIE* for Mad Forest.
Recently directed first folio King Lear.

Just another Demon Drawer production.

*The award for Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatre in New York

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