Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Even the Telegraph appears to be running out of patience

I note that on day 20 of the Daily Telegraph dissecting the MPs expenses that even they appear to have run out of patience. They near the back of the paper have started with the As of every MP that has not yet featured in their own designated article. They are merely printing the ACA or London Allowance it would seem.

Now all of these figures are publicly available on a number of websites however it is the Telegraph trying to cram everyone in over the next few days that is the issue. Today we only get as far as the Cs, but each MP has a little box in which some spurious note which could easily be interpreted in a number of ways is left. It is in depth journalism is merely a comment into some of the expenses claimed. Some of these would appear acceptable under the normal run of events but after 20 days of the incessant reporting in the Telegraph it is likely that the public will not see it that way.

The Telegraph is clearly now on a warpath to print something about each and every Member of Parliament which while I cry out for the claims to be made public the way they are going about it is not neutral. There should be a full detailed listing of expenses claimed by MP's but this should then be commented on by one source nationally as the Telegraph is doing. To be fair it has attacked Tory MPs as as everyone else but none the less its latest venture leaves questions hanging that it seems that time, space and reportage mean they are not going to delve too deeply. Its like they are hanging a tasty morsel around the neck of each MP before throwing them to the hungry lions.

Of course some of the MPs have been open about their expenses for some time even though this has not been required of them. Others have pre-empted the MPs by making their known over recent weeks. There is a need for reform, there is a need for transparency. Although the Telegraph it may be argued has done a service by acting as the catalyst to get the big two parties to toe along behind the Lib Dems to seek reform the time surely has come for them to hand over the wheel to someone that will take the action needed.

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