Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Appeal for the Lib Dem Blogosphere

In a couple of months time this blog will be 4 years old. A few weeks (if indeed it took that long) after I started it it was added the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator for an infant Lib Dem blogger like myself it was a way to get noticed. And even though I get a far smaller proportion of my hits* direct from there I still get a good flow from there.

Ryan Cullen the brains behind the tool ,which other parties have tried to emulate, has done his best to maintain a service. But in order to provide a good service for such a high traffic site costs money to maintain that level of service.

Sadly this is an appeal for all Lib Dem readers of this blog whether bloggers or merely members who enjoy scouring the Lib Dem Blogosphere but I'll had you over to Ryan.

As you can see he jokingly suggests a 'pay-and-display' service for bloggers. So I've provided by backdated parking charges plus next year in advance. Hop over to LibDemBlogs yourself and help the Lib Dem Blogs that are written and like me 4 years ago those that are yet to start being written. We are all equals there our writings only listed only in the order we have posted, although I am considering a name change by deed poll to get up the alphabetical list (it was fine when there were about 50 of us).

*While the proportion is down the number is up. I just get more hits and from a wider range of sources than in this blog's infancy.

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