Thursday, 21 May 2009

For the Sake of Full Disclosure

With the current spate of sleaze being attached to our political classes in the last half hour when this item of news was pointed out to me I feel that in this interconectiveness age I need to make the following statement.

I worked with and indeed sat next the convicted at the time of his separation from his partner and eviction. I was not aware of the full extent of that story as revealed in the press article nor fully of the depths to which he sank. Especially I had no knowledge of what he was planning to do and ended being arrested, charged and imprisioned for.

I have had no direct contact with him for a number of months and apart from Facebook had no direct links.

In the spirit of this age when those of us seeking, or hoping in the future to seek, public office must appear to not only adhere to the law not only in actuality but in full spirit I have removed this contact from my friends in Facebook and feel the need to issue this statement in a public forum as soon as possible. One advantage of being an active blogger is that I can issue that immediately.


  1. Whaatt????

    Your old workmate is a crook? Plenty of politicians in the same boat...

    I feel distinctly underwhelmed!!!

  2. You have one thing in common with a self seeking politico.And that is the ability to drop anyone who could stand in the way of your personal ambition.

  3. Mr. Mxyzptlk,

    I have had press ISPs snopping around this blog in the last 24 hours and one newspaper has already asked for a comment. What I am merely doing is setting on the record my association with an aquaintance, nothing more, straight and in a public domain of my chosing.

    No personal help was sought from me from the person in question at any point so I am hardly dropping him in it. In the current atmosphere with the public baying for any political blood those of us in politics, hoping to represent the people, are finding we have be so far above reproach in all things.