Friday, 8 May 2009

For Independence SNP Need 75% Support

Next time the SNP tell me that a good vote for this is a vote for Independence I'm going to point out that they'll be needing to ride at about 75% in the opinion polls to have that sort of success. Why?

Currently the SNP are sitting in the mid 30s in percentage terms in recent Scottish polls. But in today's Times to mark 10 years of devolution a Populus poll says that while 41% what more powers short of independence only 21% want Independence therefore at present one in three of the number who support* the SNP do not want Independence.

I'm waiting to hear how the SNP spin their way out of this set of polling results.

I'm also going to this point forward hold up any Nat who says "a vote for us is a vote for Independence" by naming and pointing them back to the stats under the header "A vote for the Nats is a 2/3 vote for Independence."

*Note the two in three is not even all SNP supporters as the Greens and Socialists will account for some of that number.


  1. You've scored a bit of an own goal there. The SNP does not argue that a vote for them is a vote for Independence.

    That is why we want the issue of Independence to go to a referendum.

    And why your party wants to block that referendum.

  2. Oh dear Stephen,k you seem to have 'sprayed' yourself with this.

    You've just pointed out that a vote for the SNP isn't a vote for independence.

    You've obviously lost your script from the 'Rumbles paperclip Band or Merry Men', that's been their mantra.

    "The scots have a chance to vote for independence at every election by voting for SNP"

    Surely then only a referendum can fairly decide the future of Scotland and accurately gauge what the people want.

    How you gauge 'greater powers' is anyone's guess, to a few it might mean simply airgun legislation, to others it will be tantamount to full fiscla independence.

    What is clear from this poll and others is that over 70% of Scots voters back either Independence or a far greater devolution and therefore greater independence for Holyrood by acquiring significantly more powers.

    The road leads one way, isn't it time the LibDems lived up to their name, formed a second question and put it to a referendum?

    What are afraid of?

    From you machinations, there's only 1/5 Scots out there that would vote for independence, the others would endorse Liberal Democrat Policy.......

    The pressure is mounting on your party to explain why they won't back a referendum to achieve their stated policy ambition?