Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Seeking Advise Equates to Sleaze says Telegraph

I'm getting perplexed that on Lib Dem expenses day the Telegraph appear to have dug up not so much sleaze but MPs seeking advise about their expenses. Norman Baker asked before putting in a claim for a bicycle and home computer. Vince Cable also rather than seeking to gain an advantage missed out on the Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) he could have claimed for a couple of years he again asked if this could be backdated. In both instances these MPs requests were turned down, but at least they had asked first rather than claim first ask questions later as seems to be the trend of recent revelations.

It is somewhat ironic but also heartening that in order to fill out the space set aside for what would appear through lack of anything more juicy to be the only day of Lib Dem exposés, claims of seeking advise from the Fees Office fill up some of the pages.


  1. Whats even worse before asking they 'thought' about it ..thats so disgusting and it is entirely possible they considered(inside their heads) even larger amounts than they eventually asked so disgusting

  2. Actually I disagree with you. I've always be taught and indeed do still in my job adhere to the maxim "If in doubt ask". As we have seen in recent days there is so much of a gret area that can be exploited the fact that these MPs were upfront about what they had spent and too the time and effort to research their claims before submitting shows moral fibre.