Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Stronger Together Weaker Apart

Nick Clegg has this morning launched the Liberal Democrat manifesto for the European elections on June 4. The message is about Europe, how we are stronger together in a number of areas but the isolationism being preached by the Conservatives, SNP and UKIP in key areas of co-operation will weaken Britain in areas of justice, environment and financial integrity.

One of the lessons on recent times must surely be the interconnectiveness of all of us. This stretches beyond national boundaries the arbitrary lines in the sand drawn up and redrawn as the result of wars down the centuries. But The Tories and the SNP want to withdraw back behind these lines thinking they can do fight the economic storm, climate change, international crime, people-trafficking and terrorism from Westminster or Holyrood.

As for Labour their arrogance that they would do away with boom and bust, that they could lead the way to a brighter European future is breaking down the rapport with the rest of Europe. The message was follow us, and now that leads lemming like over the precipice.

The Liberal Democrats know effective cooperation creates prosperity – more than 3 million jobs in the UK depend on trade with other EU countries.

Liberal Democrats are working with our European neighbours to protect Britain and catch terrorists and criminals who operate across national borders.

Liberal Democrats know that countries have to work together to tackle climate change.

This election is for those that will represent us in Europe after 4 June. The Lib Dems are showing not only do they understand the domestic financial situation but also that we know what European co-operation is about, why it is needed and why we need to be in it at the vanguard.

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