Thursday, 21 May 2009

Is Michael Connarty Worth Every Penny?

I know from personal experience that Michael Connarty does indeed draft every letter that he writes to me as he insists elsewhere in today's Falkirk Herald. But obviously I'm not sure whether being one of his four opponents at the last General Election and one of his most public outspoken critics I come in for any special treatment.

That is why I need you my fellow Linlithgow and Falkirk East consituents to take part in the poll.

The option are:

Yes, Michael is a good constituency MP and worth every penny.

Michael is a good constituency MP but some of his purchases on expenses are not necessary and should be paid back.

Michael's shady dealings in property with Jim Devine should be paid back.

No. Not worth every penny.

No and if not deselected I will be voting to get him out.

I'll be running this for a month to give as many local residents as possible a chance to voice their opinion. Comments can be added below, real name not required but if you are a L&FE constituent please indicate.

1 comment:

  1. When Michael Connarty came knocking on doors round my street, I asked his agent what he (Michael Connarty) actually did for the constituency. I subscribe to 'The Work For You', and Mr Connarty doesn't seem to speak very often. He also doesn't answer correspondence - 3 enquiries from me, 2 from my husband. No replies. His agent told me 'Michael is very involved with committees'. So that's alright then. He can ignore constituents because he's busy with more important things. I was left in no doubt where I would be voting.