Thursday, 14 May 2009

David Who for Next PM

All of the talk about David Cameron being the man to lead Britain out of the mess that Brown has left us wallowing in is starting to stagnate. The PoliticsHome leadership tracker shows that the boy wonder Cameron's lead is slipping. While he has stagnated at just over a quarter of the 1,000 respondents questioned fast coming up almost doubling in impact is Nick Clegg who is now just 4% behind the man being talked about in some circles as the next Prime Minister elect.

PoliticsHome say:

"The figures show Clegg has moved from a position sixteen percentage points
behind Cameron to just four points behind in a four week period. The public's
overall rating of Clegg's leadership was eleven percent in mid-April, but the
latest figures show it to be twenty three percent.

"Clegg's handling of the Gurkha settlement issue appears to have been
received well by voters with his approval rating increasing five percent (from
fourteen percent to nineteen percent) the week following the government's defeat
in the House of Commons on the Gurkha bill on April 29. He has continued to do
well throughout the row over MPs' expenses, rising four percentage points since
last week."

As for the Prime Minister. Well he's languishing at negative 44% over the same period. So Clegg is doing fine handling some difficult calls, he is impacting on the public and moving up in their estimation. If this carries on the public may well be wanting a new broom at number 10 and it may not necessarily be the MP for Witney.

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  1. the way this is panning out who knows what will happen at the next election....