Thursday 6 December 2012

Minister sticks head in the sand #Flags @DUPOnline


This morning instead of calling for a time out on the issue of flag the DUP's Health Minister has decided to throw more fuel on the flames by calling on a review of the days the Union Flag flies at Stormont.

He says we "need to identify a sustainable position" on the issue. At the moment we do not have a sustainable position across the whole country because of a decision made in just one Council area. How on earth can he think that bringing this issue before the Assembly in the next few weeks is going to diffuse the situation?

This is one case that the status quo is right.

Bringing that debate to the chamber of the Assembly could end up with a petition of concern being raised. It is a tool that the DUP themselves have used (including on marriage equality). But if it were to be used on this issue to ensure the status quo all hell would break out and we would most likely end up in some sort of civil war. How do I know this? Well I've just observed things in the last week, maybe Poots should do the same.

This is one vote that the DUP cannt stand a chance of winning in the Assembly because of that petition of concern option open to the other side. Therefore it deliberately confrontational, it is deliberately provocative, deliberately looking for trouble.

I repeat once again.

It is time for the DUP to show actual leadership for ALL the PEOPLE of NORTHERN IRELAND.

They must call an end to all these protests at the moment. That is not to prohibit free speech but to prevent mobs forming around these that can result in criminal attacks and damage.

They must shelve the idea of a heated debate on the flag over Stormont. In the current environment, with the current state of tensions this will not end well.

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