Saturday 29 December 2012

2012 my blog by your viewing habits

There are two ways to look at the most popular blog posts of 2012. There are obviously the most popular posts over the whole year. That list is at the end, but I thought I also go month by month first (all results are according to Google Analytics)

January top of the heap was Apparently I'm a leper now when Core Issues brought a conference The Leper Among us: Homosexuality and Life in the Church to Orangefield Presbyterian Church. Runners up were SNP MP Claims to be a Unionist and a carry over from the previous January Anne Francis Starred in Forbidden Planet.

February saw my explaining to Charlotte Henry the difference between social and socialist with respect to the Social Liberal Forum in Dear Charlotte, it's social not socialist and it's constitutional. Behind that came the Breaking News that one of my old sparring partners (not physically) Sky confirm that Eric Joyce arrested on suspicion of assault equal with another explanation Neither a Left Liberal nor a Right Liberal, Just Liberal.

March top of this month was my adaptation of a well known verse If - with Liberal apologies to Rudyard Kipling which was basically looking at the Lib Dem constitution. Honourable mentions go to So the Lib Dems are not debating the NHS Bill, but... and a in the words of a late Lib Dem Viv - one sentance to sum up the party - Freedom.

April my top post seems rather topical considering some of the Christmas It's Easter let's show the love with Christians, unless they are Gay. Elsewhere my Olympic posts were picking up views as the Games drew nearer with 1948 Summer Olympics London: XIV Olympiad and 1900 Summer Olympics Paris: II Olympiad the next most popular in April. 

May my post on the last London Olympics in 1948 had been written in March, but it was most popular in May. Following were two more not written this month the biblical definitions of marriage from December 2011 and 1936 Summer Olympics Berlin: XI Olympiad another from the series from March.

June top was the sad post about the loss of a dear friend Nikki Thomson 1967-2012. London 2012 fever insured that London 1948 featured yet again along with Never, say Never to second looks - Argyll and Bute.

July top this month was outrage at Why have @Twitter suspended @equalmarriageni ? when our newly established Twitter account disappeared just hours after it was created. Another Olympic post this time 1952 Summer Olympics Helsinki: XV Olympiad shared the honours with London 1948 once again in the top three.

August and London 2012 was upon us and dominated my blogging but top story was a sad one Cyclist killed by Olympic Bus. It took precedence over a look at the Games to come Summer Olympics 2020 XXXII Olympiad plus what other look at the stamps but Super Saturday's the fourth day that the Royal Mail were busy and the first issue date on a Sunday.

September post Olympics and a shock is that an art post from June 2011 takes top spot Artful Thursday - Escher, it wasn't even the month in which he passed away 40 years ago. But elsewhere it was praise for Team GB Well Done Team GB but it was back to politics with Mike Nesbitt and his bigot question.

October with the debate in Stormont on marriage equality at the start of the month my top story was related Alliance Party censors criticism. Elsewhere Escher featured again plus David Ford issues apology for Monday.

November top was clearing up a little bit of language from the Prime Minister Dave paedophiles are not a subset of gay men (any excuse for a good Venn diagram). The others that month were Co-opted Councillor resigns from party for a little local politics and more of Escher.

December as of the time of writing it is actually very close at the top, so I will only update the order at the end of the month. But the three in contention (for now) are personal politics In which I join the Alliance Party, a tribute Kenneth Kendall 1924-2012 and Why designated days actually make the Flag special.

Which leads to the biggest hits of 2012. Will there be any sleeper that hasn't made a months top three that may sneak in? 

Just out of interest my top 5 posts about the 2012 Olympics were:

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