Monday, 26 November 2012

Following Sir Edward Garnier's logic I shall call my car a bicycle

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According to the logic of former Solicitor General Sir Edward Garnier MP QC for the constituency of Harborough I shall call my car a bicycle but there is no need to change the law as a result.

Under the logic as I own a car bicycle I shall not be subject to road tax for my car bicycle. My car bicycle will still transport me from point A to B. As I now travel in on my car bicycle to work though I shall not be allowed to travel on the motorways, but I will have access to the excellent cycle path alongside the M5 from the Harbour Estate to Whiteabbey. As I am driving riding along in on my car bicycle seeing the other drivers cyclists scurrying for cover as I hurtle gently pedal along I know that I am fully within my rights.

My next car bicycle
I am a bit concerned that I shall have to purchase a helmet to wear in on my car bicycle, but at least I do not have to wear a seatbelt. I do not need to renew my driving license as from now on I will be driving riding my car bicycle everywhere, including to the filling station (merely to buy my papers you understand).

Of course me calling my car a bicycle is ridiculous, nobody else will see my car as a bicycle. When it comes to legality certainly the police would not take too kindly to me flaunting the law of the land by claiming that I am a cyclist from the comfort of my driving seat. When it comes to people of the same sex referring to their civil partnership as marriage and their other half as their husband or wife instead of their civil partner it is still not the same thing. On forms they fill in they cannot tick the box for married and sign the bottom that all information is correct if in fact they are civil partnered and that box is left unchecked.

So if Sir Edward Garnier is happy for same-sex couple to call themselves married why is he not prepared to equalise it in the eyes of the law?

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